CASp Inspections

We will come to your mobile home or RV park and conduct a thorough CASp inspection for proper accessibility.  We will then issue you a full report with indications of any items needing to be corrected, at which time you will be issued a "CASp Determination Pending" certificate.  You will correct these items on your own reasonable schedule. You will then get your CASp certificate for your window showing that your building is ADA compliant.

CASp Assistance During Construction

If accessibility issues are keeping you from getting plans approved or holding up final inspection approvals, we can help. 

We have helped multiple businesses in various cities and counties in Northern and Southern California avoid having to spend time and money on unnecessary accessibility upgrades just to open their doors.  

As a Certified Access Specialist, we have extensive knowledge of the current standards and equivalent facilitation.  Most building departments do not employ a CASp, and must err on the side of caution, which in the end only costs you money.

CASp Assistance During Litigation

We have been able to get lawsuits dismissed based on Safe Harbor laws.

If you are in a lawsuit based on current codes, and you believe that your business is compliant with the 1991 ADA Standards, you may qualify for SAFE HARBOR.  You need a Certified Access Specialist who is knowledgeable with these laws, and who is willing to put in the time to put these elements into the report.

We have seen multiple lawsuits dismissed due to our knowledge and reporting of these factors.  We want to do the same for you.